Variables available in the Header and Footer sections

Updated Jun 27, 2018

This article describes variables that can be used in the Header or Footer sections of a Site Template. Use these variables to insert content that is defined elsewhere in ScreenSteps. For example, the URL to your company logo or the site title.

The option of customizing the Header and Footer is only available with a Small Business Plan or above.

You can use the following strings in the Header or Footer sections to insert dynamic content.

{{default_header}} - inserts the default ScreenSteps header.

{{site_logo}} - inserts an <img> tag with the logo associated with your site.

{{site_title}} - the title of your site.

{{login_url}} - insert a login link.

{{logout_url}} - insert a logout link.

{{user_nav}} - if a user is logged into this site the the following links will be displayed: Logout, My Profile, and Admin.

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