How do I create articles in a manual?


This article will show you how to create an article in a chapter in a manual.

Create articles in the web app

Click New + to add to end of chapter

To add a new article to the end of the chapter click the New + button.

Use the + icon to create an article in a specific location in a chapter

To add an article after a specific article move the mouse to the bottom of the article row and a blue line with a + icon will appear. Click on the + icon to insert a new article.

Use Create a New Article to create an article at anytime

The Create a New Article button is always available while working in the admin area. Click on it to create a new article in the current site.

Create articles in the desktop

Launch Pad is a productivity tool that is part of the ScreenSteps desktop application. To learn how to open the Launch Pad, click here >> Open Launch Pad

Select + Create Article

Fill out information > click Create



It seems that the only way to add an article is to add it to a chapter and not directly to a manual? What if I have a simple "manual" that only has 10 articles? It would be easier for the reader to not have these divided into "chapters." Is there a way to have articles directly intermingled with chapters in the contents?

Amie Barder

@Eric: You're correct - articles do need to be added to a chapter. I'll provide your feedback regarding wanting to be able to add them directly to a manual to our product team.

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