How to Share a Manual Between Sites

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Sharing a manual will enable you to share content between sites at the manual level. By following these procedures, you can create content in a manual, share it between sites, and when you make updates to the manual in one site, the changes will be reflected in each site the manual has been shared to.

1. Select Add Existing Manual from the Category action menu

Click the action menu to the right of a Category.

2. Select Manual > click Add Manual

Select the manual you would like to add from the Manual menu then click Add Manual. The manual will be added to your site.

The manual will have an icon next to signifying that the manual is shared (or referenced) in multiple sites. Editing the manual in one location will edit the manual in every site it appears in.

See which sites it appears in

Hover your mouse over the blue dot to view which sites the manual appears in.



Michael Arndt

Is there a way to share specific articles between sites?

Trevor DeVore

Yes there is. You do that by adding a reference to an article to a manual in another site. Here is an article that shows how:

Michael Arndt

How do I unshare a manual between two sites?

Trevor DeVore

@Michael Just remove it from the site. Here are instructions:

Gretchen Fulmer

Is there a way to turn off the referencing on a manual? We would like to keep the manuals located in separate sites but do not wish to have them referenced.

Trevor DeVore

@Gretchen - If you remove the manual from the site then it will no longer be shared with the site. Just duplicate the manual before you remove the referenced manual and you will have a new, separate copy of the manual and the articles in it.


Is there a way to share a manual in a way where each article is shared by reference but where the two manuals don't remain tied to each other (e.g., if I only want a subset of the articles in the second site, I might want to remove some of the articles from the copy in site 2 but leave the structure unchanged in site 1. Or in this case would I have to create new manuals in the new site and then copy individual articles by reference?

Amie Barder

@Eric: If you share a manual between two sites and then remove an article from one of the sites, it will be removed from the other site as well. Instead, you'll want to create a new manual and reference only the articles you want included in the second site.

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