What is a Manual?

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This article will help you understand what a manual is in ScreenSteps.

Your manuals

Your ScreenSteps site (aka knowledge base) is a collection of manuals.

A Manual

Click on a manual to see an organized collection of ScreenSteps chapters and articles. Here is an example of a manual on ScreenSteps:

  1. Manual title.
  2. Chapter title - A chapter is just a grouping of articles in a manual.  It is a way for you to sub-divide your articles and better organize your content.
  3. Article - this is a link to an article in the manual.  When the user clicks on it they will be able to view that article.
Table of Contents

When a user is viewing an article they will have the following navigation options:

  1. Going back to the manual table of contents in the breadcrumb
  2. Going to the Next/Previous article
Navigation in a Manual



Two questions: can I control access at a manual level rather than a site level? or if not, can I provide a link to my users that takes them to a specific manual when they log in so they don't have to choose? thanks.

Trevor DeVore

@Bridget: While you can't control access to a particular manual, you can control access to articles within a site. This article shows how:

Just make all of the articles in a manual available to a particular group.

You can also send users a url that points directly to a specific manual in your site. Each manual, chapter, and article in ScreenSteps has a unique url that you can copy in your browser and send to someone.

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