How to Move, Duplicate, or Reference (i.e. share) Articles between Manuals or Sites

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If you create an article and would like to move it to another manual, create a duplicate of it, or reference the article in another manual, follow these instructions.

2. Navigate to the Chapter where you want the article to end up

  1. Click the manual title
  2. Click the chapter title

3. Select Add Existing Article from the chapter action menu

select add existing article

4. Select the articles

Select the site > manual > chapter and then click the Reference, Duplicate, or Move button next to the article(s) you want to add.

What's the difference between reference/duplicate/move?
Reference The article will remain in the original chapter and a reference will be added to the current chapter. Updating the article will update its contents in both chapters.
The original article will remain in the original chapter. A duplicate of the article will be added to the current chapter. Editing the article in one chapter will not change the duplicate in the other chapter.
The article will be removed from the original chapter and added to the current chapter.
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