How to Create a Manual

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2. Click Create New > Manual

3. Give the manual a title and Save Manual

4. Note your new manual at the bottom of the list (unpublished)

You can re-order manuals using the instructions this article: How to Re-Order Manuals

Your new manual will be unpublished by default so that your end users do not see it right away. You can publish and unpublish manuals at any time. For more information, see this article: How to Publish/Unpublish a Manual



So it seems that if we have several categories, the new manual is created within the last category. Then, we need to move the manual to the correct category, or move the category down to the bottom. Is there a way to create a manual with say, the third category in a list of 10?

Amie Barder

@Dave There isn't a way to add a new manual to a specific category at this point. I'll be sure to pass that feedback along to our product team for consideration, though. I can definitely see how it would save time once your list gets quite long. In the meantime, dragging it into place after creation is your best bet.

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