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From the All Content are or an individual site you can use the All Articles section to search articles. You can filter articles by tags, owner, status, and more so you can find any article in your knowledge base.

Click on All Articles

Search using the tags: filter

In the Filter by field type tags: followed by the name of the tag you would like to search for.

If your tag has spaces in it then enclose the tags in quotes. E.g. tags:"to delete".

Filtering by Owner, Status, and other fields

For all other article properties you can use the provided menu to select the filter criteria.


Emma Praprotnik

Is the search "tag:account" available for users?
I'm looking for only articles with specific(s) tag(s) and don't want article having the word(S) in the title or content, only in Tags.
And can we do this search with more than 1 tag?
Same thing Outlook Search is doing

Amie Barder

@Emma: Tags will only show up in the admin UI, but they can be searched on in the published site search bar (without the "tags:" preface). As with standard search terms, you can include more than one tag (separate with a space).

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