How is ScreenSteps Organized?

Updated Nov 29, 2018

ScreenSteps is a collection of individual articles. But, just like your photo albums, ScreenSteps organizes your content so that it's easier to browse around and find what you're looking for.


ScreenSteps organizes articles into chapters. It then organizes chapters into manuals. And it organizes your manuals into groups.

Manuals > Chapters > Articles

ScreenSteps organizes your articles into chapters, and it organizes chapters into a manual. Click here to visit the manual titled "Administering Your Account." The image below explains how the manual is organized in a table of contents.

A collection of manuals

If your knowledge base has more than one manual, it will present the manuals similar to the image below.

You can organize manuals together in what's called a group. Go to the ScreenSteps knowledge base and see how it's organized into manuals and groups.

Notice what the manual, "Administering Your Account" looks like in the image above. If you were to click on any of these manuals, you would see its table of contents, which is organized into chapters and articles.


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