How is ScreenSteps Organized?

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ScreenSteps is a collection of individual articles. But, just like your computer organizes files into folders and subfolders, ScreenSteps organizes your content so that it's easier to browse around and find what you're looking for.

Your articles are organized in:


When you signed up for a ScreenSteps account, we automatically created a site for you, or in other words, a website. It is where all of your articles are organized.

Below is a screenshot of what the site looks like for end-users. It organizes all of your categories, manuals, chapters, and articles.


Multiple sites in your account

ScreenSteps has the ability to create multiple sites in your account. You can organize all of your articles into one site, or you can create unique sites for specific departments or groups (e.g. call center, customers).

Depending on your ScreenSteps plan, you can create one or more sites in your account.


Within your site, you can organize content into one or more categories.



Under each category you can have one or more manuals. Click on any of the manual titles/tiles to view the manual's table of contents, which includes chapters. A manual can have one or more chapters



Clicking the manual title/tile shows the manual's table of contents, which includes chapters. Chapters can include one or more articles.

Accounts Receivable | Academy


Within each chapter you can have one or more articles. Technically, an article is a web page. But you can think of an article like a document that has your instructions or your content in it (similar to what you would create in a Word document).

Accounts Receivable | Academy


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