How to Publish/Unpublish a Chapter

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You can unpublish (i.e. hide) a chapter so that end users cannot see the content. This article will teach you how to make an unpublished/hidden chapter visible to your end users in your manual.

2. Click into a Manual

3. Click the action menu to the right of the chapter

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4. Click to Publish/Unpublish

The option will say Publish if the chapter is currently unpublished and it will say Unpublish if it is currently published.

Upon publishing/unpublishing a chapter, you'll be given the option to either affect all of the articles in the chapter at the same time or to just the chapter itself (see below). 

In the case of unpublishing, the later option means that the chapter will not appear to end-users while they browse your knowledge base, but articles within the chapter will still appear in search results.


Annie Illuminate

What happens if the ability to unpublish is not available?

Trevor DeVore

@Annie - The unpublished option wouldn't be available if your site is connected to Zendesk. Is your site connected to Zendesk?


Why can published articles in an unpublished chapter be viewed?

Amie Barder

@Tumelo - I added some info to the end of this article that should answer your question!

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