How to Duplicate a Manual and Add it to Another Site

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In some cases, you may want to duplicate a manual and add it to another one of your ScreenSteps sites in your account.

This will make a new copy of all articles and chapters in the manual. The new manual will have "(copied)" appended to the name. The chapters and articles will not be renamed.

The published state of the new manual, chapters, and articles will be inherited from the content being copied.

If you duplicate a manual and place it into a site connected to Zendesk the manual will NOT be connected to Zendesk automatically. You must manually push the changes to Zendesk.

1. Select Duplicate from the Manuals action menu

2. Select Site > Duplicate

Select the site you would like to create the duplicate in and click Duplicate.

When you duplicate the manual to a site other than the one it is currently in ScreenSteps will update internal Knowledge base links for you. What this means is that any links between articles or chapters within the manual will be updated to point to the new articles and chapters in the duplicate manual. Knowledge base links that point to articles, chapters, or manuals outside of the manual will be updated if copies of those items exist in the new site.


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