How to create an article

Your knowledge base is a collection of help articles. Follow these instructions to create a help article in ScreenSteps.

Create an article in the web app

There are 3 different ways you can create an article in the browser app:

Create an article inline

The easiest way to create an article is to create it inline in the chapter table of contents. As you move your cursor over the space between two articles you will see a + icon. Select it.

Enter the article title and select Create article.

Create an article from the Dashboard

From the Dashboard select Create a new article.

  1. Select the site
  2. Select the manual/chapter
  3. Enter a title
  4. Select Create and go to site

You will be taken to the site, manual and chapter where the article was created.

Create an article in a manual

You can create an article in a manual by selecting Create a new Article.

  1. Select the chapter
  2. Enter a title
  3. Select Create article
Create an article in the desktop app

Launch Pad is a productivity tool that is part of the ScreenSteps desktop application. To learn how to open the Launch Pad, click here >> Launch Pad

Select + Create Article

Fill out information > click Create


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