Zendesk HC error: {"error":"Couldn't authenticate you"}

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When you run a test connection and you get the error Zendesk HC error: {"error":"Couldn't authenticate you"} then follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

Confirm Zendesk account name is accurate

Confirm your account name is accurate

  1. Your Zendesk account name is the name at the front of your Zendesk URL. For example, if your help desk is at then the account name would be mycompany.

Important: If you are using a custom domain name on your Zendesk account then you will need to enter the full domain name with protocol. For example:

Configure your connection

Confirm your username and API Token are accurate

  1. The username should be the same as what you use to login to Zendesk––Important: must be a Zendesk Admin login.
  2. You may need to create a new API Token and paste it here. You can create a new Zendesk API Token by following these instructions.
Configure your connection

Confirm Locale and click Test connection

Configure your connection
  1. The Locale setting defaults to US English. Confirm that this is the same locale as in Zendesk.
  2. Select Test connection.

Is the connection good?

Awesome! You're done.

You should be good to go!

Try again, then contact support

Go through the exercise again and confirm:

  • Account name is accurate
  • Username is an Admin in Zendesk
  • API Token is active in Zendesk
  • Locale is the same in Zendesk

You may need to refresh your browser to start at the beginning of this tutorial and go through the steps again.

If those items above are accurate, contact [email protected]

Congratulations, you are done!


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