How to get your Zendesk API key


For instructions on generating a Zendesk API key refer to the following article in the Zendesk Help Center:



My zendesk account settings don't give me these options - are the instructions here out of date or is it to do with the type of zendesk account I have?

Trevor DeVore

@Rachel - I just looked in our Zendesk account and the instructions are still accurate. Are you an admin user in your Zendesk account?

Sandro Alvares

Now a new version and cannot see token :( ... bad zendesk more bug

Taylor Nelson

How do you see a key that already exists? I can only see 8 characters 'for security reasons' and I have a high level of access I believe.

Trevor DeVore

@Sandro and @Taylor - Zendesk will only show you the token once. After that you will have to generate a new token if you don't have it written down.

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