How do you move articles created in the Zendesk Legacy Web Portal to Zendesk Help Center and vice versa?

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This article is only for customers who have a ScreenSteps site that they use to publish to the Zendesk Legacy Web Portal and who now want to be able to publish to the Zendesk Help Center.

You may be in a situation where you want to migrate your Zendesk help desk from the Legacy Web Portal to the new Help Center. If you have been using ScreenSteps to create articles in the Legacy Web Portal then you will want to point these ScreenSteps articles to the new articles in your Zendesk Help Center.

Unfortunately we aren't able to automate this process for you. When you migrate your Legacy Web Portal over to the new Help Center, Zendesk creates a new version of each one of your Web Portal articles in the Help Center. The APIs for accessing the Help Center and Web Portal are totally separate and Zendesk doesn't provide a way for us to determine the Web Portal article that corresponds to a given Help Center article.

We have an open request to Zendesk to add this to the API, but as of yet it hasn't been added. When and if it is we will improve this migration process.

This means that you need to reconnect your articles in ScreenSteps to the new articles that were created in the Help Center.

To make this migration you will need at least 2 sites on your account. If you need a temporary site on your account to make the migration please contact support.

1. Create your connection to Help Center and import your Help Center structure

See the following two articles if you need help completing these steps:

Configuring the Zendesk Integration

How to import your Zendesk structure into ScreenSteps

2. Contact support

Before you contact support you should have the following:

  1. A site that is connected to your Zendesk Legacy Web Portal
  2. A second site that is connected to your Zendesk Help Center
  3. Your Zendesk Help Center site should have the Categories and Sections from Zendesk imported into it

Contact support to have them migrate your Legacy Web Portal articles to the Help Center.

Before you contact support make sure you have:

  1. Migrated your articles to Help Center in Zendesk
  2. Connected ScreenSteps to your Help Center
  3. Imported your Help Center structure into ScreenSteps


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