How to publish changes in a ScreenSteps manual to Zendesk

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This article will show you how to create a new manual in Zendesk from a new manual in ScreenSteps or publish changes made to a ScreenSteps manual to the corresponding manual in Zendesk.

Use manual menu to publish changes

From the manual menu you will see one of two options. Publish in Zendesk HC will appear if the manual hasn't been connected to Zendesk yet. Push update to Zendesk HC will appear if the manual is already connected to Zendesk.


  1. By default the chapter positions and titles will be updated along with other changes you've made to the manual. To only update the manual uncheck this checkbox. If you uncheck Update chapter positions and titles then only the Manual title and sort order will be updated in Zendesk.
  2. Click either the Publish (manual doesn't exist in Zendesk yet) or Push Changes (manual is connected to Zendesk already) button.


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