Create an Article and Publish to Zendesk

Updated Aug 09, 2018

1. Open the Desktop Authoring tool

2. Create an article

2.1. Create a new Article

  1. Go to the Manual
  2. Select the chapter (or in Zendesk terms, section)
  3. Click the New + button.
Select Create Article

3. Edit the article

The ScreenSteps editor has a few extra features to make authoring content much easier. Go through the steps below to see how easy it is to create new articles.

3.1. Open up editor

After you create the article, you will edit the article by:

  1. Clicking the action menu icon
  2. Selecting Edit on Desktop
edit article in desktop

3.2. Add content to the article

If you aren't familiar with using the desktop editor you can refer to the ScreenSteps Desktop Editor Overview article.

Once you are done adding content click the Save & Publish button.

When publishing an article to Zendesk the article will alway be visible within Zendesk. Zendesk does not provide a way to hide articles via their API.

4. View the article in Zendesk

Now click on the Go To Published Article link. You will see your article in your Zendesk Help Center.

View the article in Zendesk

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