Can ScreenSteps publish articles in multiple languages to Zendesk?

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No and Yes.

Zendesk has multi-lingual support

What this means is that in Zendesk, one individual article can have multiple translations. 

For example, knowledge base article id 1001 can have translations for English, Spanish, AND French.

ScreenSteps does not have multi-lingual support

While you can write an article in any language you want, each article can only be written in that one language. 

For example, knowledge base article 1001 can be written in English, but that is it. Or it can be written in Spanish or French, but not all three.

Since ScreenSteps only supports one localization per article, ScreenSteps can only push to one localization in Zendesk. You can choose whichever localization you would like when you set up your Zendesk connection, but ScreenSteps will always push to that one localization.

Suggested Workflow

If you are going to use ScreenSteps with a Zendesk account that needs to deliver documentation in multiple languages, then here's what you would do:

  1. Create the article for one localization in ScreenSteps (e.g. English).
  2. Edit that article in Zendesk, adding translations for all other localizations (e.g. Spanish and French).

Every time you update an article in ScreenSteps, it will be published to Zendesk for the localization you selected (e.g. English). You will then have to navigate to the article in Zendesk and update the other languages for that article.


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