Setting the author for articles created in Zendesk Help Center

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When ScreenSteps creates an article in Zendesk Help Center we attempt to set the author to the last user who edited the article in ScreenSteps.

For this to work correctly, the ScreenSteps user must have the same email address as a user in the Zendesk account.

Here is how it works:

  • When ScreenSteps creates the article it looks to see who the last ScreenSteps user was who edited the article.
  • ScreenSteps searches the Zendesk account for a user with the same email address.
  • If the user exists then the author is set to that user. If that user does not exist then the author will be set to whatever user was used to create the ScreenSteps/Zendesk connection.

The setting of the author only happens when the article is created in Zendesk. Updates to the article will not change the author setting.

We are not able to set the author for the Zendesk Legacy Web Portal at this point as the Zendesk API does not support the setting of the author.


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