Resolving Zendesk publishing errors

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Sometimes you may see errors when trying to update an article in Zendesk. This usually happens when you have deleted an article in Zendesk that ScreenSteps was connected to. You will also see errors if you delete a section or category in Zendesk that is linked to a chapter or manual in ScreenSteps.

This article will describe how to correct those errors.

Resolving errors associated with articles

Select "Click to resolve"

Choose resolution option

There will be three options for resolving:

  • Retry the update
  • Create a new copy
  • Change the external service ID

The table below explains what each option will do.

Retry the update
ScreenSteps will try to republish the article. This is the option you will want if the article still exists in Zendesk.
Create a new copy
You will want to use this option if the article was deleted from Zendesk and you need to create a new copy.
Edit external id
Do this if you want to associate the ScreenSteps article with a new Zendesk article. You will want to use this option if you have deleted the article in Zendesk and then created a new article with the same name in Zendesk. Once you update the id ScreenSteps will overwrite the corresponding Zendesk article.

The external id is the numeric portion of the URL for the article in Zendesk. For example, with the URL:

The ID would be “202848315"

Resolving errors associated with manuals or chapters

If you see an error next to a manual or chapter in ScreenSteps then follow the instructions for changing the Zendesk ID.


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