Using iframes to embed ScreenSteps articles in other services

Updated Oct 24, 2017

Many Content Management Systems (CMS) or Learning Management Systems (LMS) let you embed iframes containing content from other web services. But when you embed a ScreenSteps article as an iframe you are probably going to want to get rid of the header and sidebar areas. Here are a few tips for working with iframes.

Add .iframe to the end of your article's url

If you add .iframe to the end of your article url then ScreenSteps will serve up a special iframe version of the page which only contains the article content.

Control the width

The CMS or LMS you are using may have a fixed width area where the iframe is displayed. You want your ScreenSteps article to fit in this area without having horizontal scrollbars. To change the width of the ScreenSteps iframe just add the query parameter width=600 to the url.

The 600 number is just an example. You can use any width you like. Be aware, that the width setting will only affect the width of the text areas on your page. It will not reduce image sizes.

Example url

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