Using iframes to embed ScreenSteps articles in other services

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Many Content Management Systems (CMS) or Learning Management Systems (LMS) let you embed iframes containing content from other web services. But when you embed a ScreenSteps article as an iframe you are probably going to want to get rid of the header and sidebar areas. Here are a few tips for working with iframes.

If the article you embed using the .iframe extension links to another ScreenSteps article in your knowledge base the .iframe extension will not be maintained when the link is loaded. The approach described in this article will only work for individual articles.

Add .iframe to the end of your article's url

If you add .iframe to the end of your article url then ScreenSteps will serve up a special iframe version of the page which only contains the article content.

Control the width

The CMS or LMS you are using may have a fixed width area where the iframe is displayed. You want your ScreenSteps article to fit in this area without having horizontal scrollbars. To change the width of the ScreenSteps iframe just add the query parameter width=600 to the url.

The 600 number is just an example. You can use any width you like. Be aware, that the width setting will only affect the width of the text areas on your page. It will not reduce image sizes.

Example url



can you display a manual as an iFrame?

Greg DeVore

You can put a manual in an iframe, but it will show the entire HTML header and footer. It would work like a normal iframe for any other web page.

Bill Hamaker

If I display an article in an iframe and it is a private web site and it has a url link to another article what happens? Does it work at all? Is the other article displayed in the same iframe? If there is external authentication does it handle authentication so the other article can be displayed?

Trevor DeVore

@Bill All navigation will happen within the context of the iframe so a link will open within the iframe. If the link is set to open in a new window then it will still do that, however (at least I'm pretty sure it will).

Mark Fly

Trying several different options here and not having luck. We want to embed courses from Screensteps into the iframe options in Skilljar.
Anyone tackle that yet successfully?

Michael Miles

This doesn't seem to work when trying to embed/iframe an article into a Knowledge article. Tried every which way but loose on this with no success.

Amie Barder

@Michael: Going to create a support ticket for you so we can help troubleshoot.

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