What happens to my Zendesk articles if I cancel my ScreenSteps account?

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How images and text are stored in Zendesk

Text content

When ScreenSteps publishes an article to Zendesk all of the text content is stored in Zendesk. If you were to cancel your ScreenSteps account nothing would happen to the text content. No articles would be deleted and not text content would be removed. You would be able to edit the articles in Zendesk just like you would edit any other Zendesk article.


The images for your articles are currently stored on ScreenSteps servers. When you cancel your ScreenSteps account these images would eventually be removed.

How would I move my images out of ScreenSteps?

If you were to cancel your ScreenSteps account you would want to do the following:

  1. Export your article images. This can be done in one of two ways:
    1. From the ScreenSteps Desktop Authoring Tool using the File > Export > Images to Folder menu option in the desktop article editor. This will be done for each article individually.
    2. Use our content exporter to download images from your account. 
  2. Upload the image files that have been exported to Zendesk, replacing the images in your articles.

Basically you would go through the same process of uploading images as you would if you weren't using ScreenSteps except that all of your images will already be organized into folders by article which will make the process much quicker.


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