What permission settings are used for newly created chapters in Zendesk?

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When you create a new chapter in ScreenSteps and push the changes to Zendesk a new section or forum will be created in Zendesk.

Zendesk Help Center

In the Zendesk Help Center, a new section will be created. The viewing permission will depend on what features you have in your current Zendesk plan. If "internal" sections are available on your plan then the section will be created as an "internal" section (only available to agents).

If not, the section will be created as a "restricted" section (only available to logged in users).

Zendesk Legacy Web Portal

In the Zendesk Legacy Web Portal, a forum will be created with the viewing permissions set to "Agent Only".

Updating the viewing permissions in Zendesk

After the section or forum is created in Zendesk you can go into Zendesk and change the permission setting to whatever you like. From that point forward ScreenSteps will not change the viewing permission setting for the section or forum. 


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