How do I share the URL for an article from the administration area?

Updated Jun 19, 2019

Many times you will want to send the url for an article to a customer or other user.  This article will show you how to easily get the urls for those articles from the administration area.

If the article is in Draft

If your article has not yet been published, you can get a link to the draft version of the article. Follow these instructions to generate a preview URL:

How to generate a preview link before an article is published

If the article is published

Select "View in Knowledge Base" from the article action menu

published urls

Or... Click on the published link that appears in the article preview

View your entire knowledge base

If you would like to view what your knowledge base looks like from a viewer's perspective, here is how.

Click on Go to Site

click go to site

Remember, you are copying URLs that will send a reader to the customer facing knowledge base--NOT your Admin area where you edit your knowledge base content.

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