Bulk Edit Article Properties and Actions


This option is only visible when viewing an article list (ie. within a chapter, within the "All Articles" view for a site, or within the "All Content" view for all sites).

Click on Bulk Edit

Locate the articles by selecting the article list you want to make a bulk edit to, and click Bulk Edit.

Bulk edit article properties

The Bulk Edit interface will appear on the left side of the articles column.

  1. To the left of each article title is a checkbox. You can select one or more (or all) articles.
  2. On the left you will select the properties that you would like to change or the actions you want to that you want to target (2).
Bulk edit interface

1. Select Articles

  1. Check the box next to the articles you want to modify.
  2. Clicking the box at the top of the checkbox column will select all articles.

2. Add actions and/or properties to change and apply

Click Change Properties buttons to select changes you would like to make. You will be presented with an interface for changing that specific property.

If you would like to Copy or Move articles, then click on the Select an action button.

  1. Each time you add a property to change it will appear in a list.
  2. The list will show you all properties that will be changed when you click Apply Changes.


Monika Swoboda

There is something wrong with the last screenshot, it's fully black :)

Amie Barder

@Monika: Thanks for the heads up - its been fixed!

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