How to Change the Account Owner

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By default, ScreenSteps account owner is the only user who has access to billing information for an account. The account owner is able to grant access to billing for other users.

Click here if you're not sure whether you are the account owner

If you're not sure whether you are the current Account Owner, an easy way to check is to:

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Determine if you are the owner

In the Edit Profile dialog that appears you will see your user role in the Account Settings tab.

If it shows a key icon with the word Owner then you are the account owner.

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Are you the current account owner?

Is the proposed Account Owner already an Admin in your ScreenSteps account?

In ScreenSteps, you can create Readers, Contributors, and Admin user accounts. If you're not sure whether the individual whom you want to make the new Account Owner is an Admin, click here for instructions.

Is the proposed Account Owner already in ScreenSteps?

Modify the user's account to be an Admin

If the user is already in your ScreenSteps system as a Contributor or a Reader then you can simply modify their user role to be an Admin.

Click here for instructions on modifying a user's role.

Create a new Admin user account

Before you can assign account ownership to the new user, you will need to create an Admin user account for them.

Click here for instructions on creating an Admin user account.

Change account Ownership

You can assign account ownership to an existing Admin on your account.

Click Account
Select Account Settings
Change Account Owner

Is the current account owner available?

Only the current Account Owner can assign account ownership to another Admin.

Ask your current account owner to follow these instructions

If your current account owner is available, then they can follow these instructions to transfer account ownership.

Copy the URL of this help article and send it to them.

What if I'm viewing this article in Contextual Help?

If you're viewing this article within contextual help, you will need to open the article up in a separate browser window so you can get the URL.


Contact [email protected]

If your current Account Owner is no longer available, then you can still have account ownership transfered to another Admin on your team––you will just need to contact [email protected] to have somebody from the ScreenSteps team help out.

Alternatively, you can send us a message through chat

Ask the ScreenSteps support team to help out by:

  1. Clicking the ? in the bottom right-hand corner of your ScreenSteps Admin area.
  1. Then click Send us a message.
  1. Click New conversation.
  1. Type what you need and click the send icon.

Note: The ScreenSteps team can only transfer account ownership to a existing Admin on the account.

Congratulations, you are done!


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