How to Create Contributor User Accounts

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Note: Only Admin can create new user accounts.

Click Create/Invite User

Select Contributor and add email

Invite User | ScreenSteps

Include the Viewable Sites and/or Groups

Whichever sites the Groups have viewing permissions for will be inherited by the user if you add him/her to the Group.

Invite User | ScreenSteps

Refine permissions

  1. Select the site you want to add the user to
  2. Choose a viewing option for the Published Site
  3. Choose the Admin Area Access permission
    • No Access (does not allow Contributors to view the Admin area)
    • Limited Access (allows you more options to restrict what Contributors can do)
    • Full Access (allows Contributor full access to Admin area)
  4. Click Add.
Notification Center

If you selected Limited Access

If you chose Limited Access, then you can continue refining what the Contributor can do in the Admin area. Click here to learn more about viewing options.

If you selected No Access, then the options below are not available to refine.

If you selected Full Access, then the options below are automatically marked as Full Access.

Depending on what you choose for the (5) Admin Viewing Permissions, your options will vary for the (6) Authoring Permissions and (7) Public Comments categories.

Invite User | ScreenSteps

Additional Permissions for Limited Access

Depending on the permissions set in the Admin Viewing Permissions in the screen before, your options for (9) Admin Modules and (10) Uncategorized Articles will vary.

Invite User | ScreenSteps


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