Setting a custom respond-to email address for account notifications

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The respond-to email address is used for:

  • New account notifications
  • Comment notifications
  • Course invitations

The default setting is [email protected]  You can set a custom address by following the instructions in this article.

Select Account > Account Settings

Account > Account Settings

Select Configure Email Settings

Enter Email address and name

If you have already entered an email address you can skip to the next step (Verification). If not, then do the following:

  1. Enter the from email addres
  2. Enter the name
  3. Select Save

You should see the screen below.

You cannot click Verify email address until you have clicked on the verification email that will be sent to you.

You will receive an email from Postmark. This is the company that handles our email delivery. You will need to click the Confirm this Sender Signature button.

You should see this in your browser after you click the link.

Click Verify email address

That's it!

You should now see that your email has been verified.


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