How to Clone a Site

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There may be situations where you want to make an exact copy of a site. This article will show you how to clone a site. All settings except for the permalink and host mapping settings will be copied. This includes all manuals, categories, and editors on the site. Viewers are not copied.

Note that after cloning the site the manuals will be linked to both the original site and the new cloned site. Changing a manual or article in one site will update both sites. However, if you add a new manual to a site, that new manual will not be added to the cloned site.

If you don't want to share manuals between the two sites then you will need to manually duplicate the manuals. If you are going to manually duplicate the manuals from the original site to the new site then do one of two things:

  1. After cloning the site, remove all of the manuals prior to duplicating the manuals in the original site.
  2. Create a new site rather than cloning  an existing site.

Go to Account > Site Access

Select Clone from a site action menu

You can clone the Primary Site or any of the sites listed under Other Sites.

Clone the site

Give the site a title, a subdomain, and mark whether or not it should be private. Click Clone to create the new site.



If a site is cloned (Manuals left linked) and the original site is deleted, will the Manuals, Categories, Articles from the original remain with the clone?

Trevor DeVore

@Aaron - Yes, the manuals, etc. will remain with the clone.

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