Overview of Search Contexts

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This feature is only available to users on our current plans (Standard, Advanced, or Enterprise). If you're on a legacy plan and are interested in switching to a current plan, please reach out to us at <[email protected]>.

The Purpose of Search Contexts

Search Contexts are designed to help you improve search results for specific User Groups in your ScreenSteps site by setting a default search filter that includes specific manuals.

When to Use

Search Contexts are most useful if you have users who only need to search a certain selection of manuals the majority of the time, but still need the ability to search other manuals on occassion.

Important Info

  • Search Contexts are attached to User Groups.
  • Each Search Context can only be attached to one User Group and one Site.
  • When used, each search the user performs will apply the assigned filter.
  • If the user needs to search other manuals, they can temporarily remove the assigned filter.


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