What are the different types of users?

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This article will describe the different types of users that can be created in your ScreenSteps account.

Admin Users

Admin users are authorized users on your account.  They can:

  • Post and update content.
  • Delete/reorganize content.
  • Manage users, groups and custom templates.
  • Edit site settings.

Admins can access all content in your ScreenSteps account. Click here for instructions on creating an Admin user account: Create Admin User Accounts

Contributor Users

Contributor users are authorized users on your account. Before a Contributor can do anything they must be assigned to one or more sites.

Once a Contributor is assigned to a site, you can modify their permissions so they can:

  • Create manuals in a site.
  • Publish manuals in a site.
  • Publish articles to manuals in a site.
  • Moderate comments for the site.

Any of these privileges can be limited. You can also add more privileges such as managing the site template, managing courses, managing channels, and viewing reports. Click here for instructions on creating a Contributor user account: Create Contributor User Accounts

Reader Users

Reader users can be granted access to protected sites. They do not have access to the admin area and cannot alter content on your ScreenSteps account. Readers can also be granted access to the Browser Extension and to Courses. Click here for instructions on creating a Reader user account: Create Reader User Accounts

API Access Users

An API Access user has read-only access to published ScreenSteps content. It can be used with ScreenSteps API calls that read content.


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