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When we introduced the Courses feature in late 2017 it required an updated Site template. This template change adjusted some default CSS settings that changed the default look of a ScreenSteps site.

Since early August 2018 this new layout has been the default for all newly created sites.

For sites that were created before August 2018, you will need to disable this option to use the new design. Here's how >> How can I make it so my manuals aren't left-aligned?

Previewing the Changes for Legacy Sites

If you are using the legacy design you can preview what the new design will look like by adding the following to your site URL:


Conflicts with Custom CSS

It is possible that some of these changes will conflict with custom CSS that you have added to your site. For this reason we suggest previewing the changes before disabling the Legacy Site Design. If you need help with making adjustments please contact our support team.

Legacy Site Design and Courses

The Legacy Site Design is not compatible with Courses. If you wish to use courses on your account you will need to disable the Legacy Site Design.


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