How to Delete a User

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Deleting an Admin or Contributor will not affect any of the content they created, but their name will no longer be selected for any content that was assigned to them upon deletion in either the content's Properties or Certifications tabs (Properties will change to "No Assignee" and Certifications will change to "No Owner"). Their name will continue to be associated with activity stream events indefinitely, however.

Deleting a Reader will anonymize their course progress and reporting data. 

Adding a deleted user back will not associate them with any previous data. For this reason, if it is possible that a user will need to begin using ScreenSteps again in the future, we recommend deactivating them instead of deleting them.

To completely delete user and permanently anonymize their data, follow the steps below: 

Click on Account > Users

Account > Users

Click on dropdown > Delete

Click on the row action menu for the user you would like to delete and select Delete from the menu options.

Delete user


Click Delete to confirm that you want to delete the user. This cann't be undone.

Confrim Delete


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