How to Deactivate/Reactivate a User

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By deactivating users you can temporarily remove admin and editor users from your account. When a user is deactivated they are not counted towards the user limits on your ScreenSteps plan. A user that has been deactivated will not be able to login, post articles, or authenticate their ScreenSteps desktop software.

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Follow these instructions to deactivate a user

Click on Account > Users
Account > Users
Click on a Username
Click on a user
Check deactivated > Update
Deactivate user

The Deactivated checkbox will be disabled if the user is the account owner. The account owner cannot be deactivated.

Follow these instructions to reactivate a user

Click on Account > Users
Account > Users
Click on deactivated username
Click on a user
Uncheck Deactivated > Update
Deactivate user
Congratulations, you are done!


MaKenzi Bates

Is there a way to deactivate accounts in bulk vs one at a time?

Trevor DeVore

@MaKenzi Bates - You can deactivate users when uploading a CSV file as described in

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