How to add a contributor to a site

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Contributors can author content in a site if they have been given permission to do so. In order to give a contributor authoring access to a site you have two options:

  1. Add a group the contributor is a part of to the site's Site Users & Groups > Assigned Groups section.
  2. Add the contributor to the site's Site Users & Groups > Assigned Users section.

This article will show you how to give a specific user permission to edit content in a site.

Note: We recommend using groups to manage site access permissions whenever possible.

Edit site settings

Navigate to the site settings page.

Select Site Users & Groups > Assigned Users

  1. Navigate to the site you to which you want to add the author.
  2. Select Site Users & Groups
  3. Select Assigned Users

Add User

Set permissions

See here for a description of the different authoring permissions:

Authoring Permissions


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