How to Find Article Views in Reports

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Reporting is included on all current plans and select legacy plans. If you don't see Reports in your account and are interested in adding them, please reach out to <[email protected]>.

Viewing analytics is available for private sites where users log in to your knowledge base. For those with public-facing sites, we recommend using  Google Analytics.

1. Click Reports

2. Click Viewing/Search

Only those on current plans that include the Content Certification feature will see this as an option.

3. Click Articles



Hello, I would like to know how the viewing system works regarding reference.
For example, I create an article (original) and I add this article to 2 other chapters using reference. Then, am I gonna get a single count for my article or it will give a count for each article (original, reference 1, reference 2)?

Trey Melton

We have hundreds of sites that we allow our clients to view our KB ( only when logged in, of course ) on. How do we connect the reporting to each of these instances so that we can see what users are searching for? Right now it seems to only report what we internally search for, not our clients.

Amie Barder

@Jules: Each reference will have its own separate count.

Amie Barder

@Trey: So long as the user is logged in, their views should appear in your reporting. I'm going to start a support ticket for you so that was can investigate this further.

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