Generating a Site Link Checker Report

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The Site Link Checker report goes through every link in the published articles in a site and attempts to verify whether or not they work. The broken links are added to a CSV file and emailed to your so that you can review them and update as necessary.

This feature is only available to users on our Enterprise plan. If you're interested in upgrading to an Enterprise plan, please reach out to us at <[email protected]>.

Click on site link checker

Click Create

In the dialog that appears, click the Create button to start the report generation process. Once the report is complete you will receive an email.

Create report dialog

Download Report

If broken links were found in your site then the email you receive will tell you how many broken links were found and provide a button to download the CSV report.

Report email

Understanding the Report

The CSV file has the following columns:

Article URL, Article Title, Link Text, Link URL, Error Code, Error Message

In the report there is a link to the article the broken link is in, the text that is linked, and the link URL. The Error Code/Error Message column provides the code that the link's web server returned and a message to help you troubleshoot. Some servers will not report that a link works unless visited in a web browser so the report may contain some false negatives.


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