How to Export an Article Report (CSV of site article titles/status/owners)

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The exported CSV file will include the following information for each article:

  • ID
  • Title
  • Status
  • Owner
  • Created at
  • Posted at
  • Published?
  • Chapter Title
  • Chapter is Published?
  • Manual Title
  • Manual is Published?
  • Source Article ID (This is for referenced articles that show up multiple times in a site).
  • Published URL
  • Restricted (TRUE/FALSE)
  • Viewing Groups
  • Tags
  • Excluded from Search (TRUE/FALSE)
  • Last Certified At
  • Last Certified By

If the Chapter and Manual fields are blank, then the article is an Uncategorized article (not part of a chapter). 

1. Navigate to Site Settings

2. Select Export CSV

Scroll down to the very bottom of the screen and click on Export CSV to download a CSV file of all site articles.

Select Export CSV



Just want to confirm if exporting to CSV would also export the content in the articles?

Trevor DeVore

@Roshan Only the article title will be exported in the CSV file. The file is intended to be used for review of article status and owners. A CSV file isn't an appropriate format for exporting article content.


Hi Trevor, could you suggest what would be the method to export article content? can we do it in bulk.?

Trevor DeVore

@Roshan If you want to export all of your articles then you would need to connect to our API and pull the content out that way. There is an API manual in the documentation.

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