How do I change my account URL?

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In ScreenSteps your account url is generated using your account name as the subdomain and as the domain. For example, if your account name is docs then your account url will be the following:

In order to change your ScreenSteps account url our team needs to change your account name. Please have the owner of your account contact [email protected] with the following information:

  1. Your current account name.
  2. The new account name.
  3. Confirm that you understand the implications of changing your account name (see below).
  4. When you would like us to make the change.

There are some things you should be aware of before you change your account url:

  • Changing the account URL will break all incoming links from other websites.
  • You will need to reconnect your desktop software to your account.
  • Changing the account URL will not break internal knowledge base links.

For existing URLs, only the account name will change. For example, assuming your account name is companya you might have the following URL for an article:

If you change the account name from companya to companyb the help subdomain changes to docs but the rest of the URL remains the same:


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