How to Find Individual User Activity in Reports

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Reporting is included on all current plans and select legacy plans. If you don't see Reports in your account and are interested in adding them, please reach out to <[email protected]>.

Viewing analytics is available for private sites where users log in to your knowledge base. For those with public-facing sites, we recommend using  Google Analytics.

1. Click Reports

2. Click Viewing/Search

Only those on current plans that include the Content Certification feature will see this as an option.

3. Click Users

4. Select individual user

You can also search for a specific user's name.

5. View individual report


Brian Young

Is there a way to pull this type of reporting, but for multiple users? And any way to automate this reporting? Thanks!

Amie Barder

@Brian: If you create (or already have) a Group for the users, you can filter your data using the "Groups" dropdown menu at the top of the Reports screen.

If by "automate" you mean email the data on a regular cadence to someone, then no - that's not currently possible. I'll be sure to pass this idea along to our product team for consideration, though!

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