Search Contexts and User Groups

Updated May 08, 2020

The Purpose of Search Contexts

Search Contexts are designed to help you improve search results for specific User Groups in your ScreenSteps site.

  • They can be useful if you have users who only need to search a certain selection of manuals 90% of the time, but still need the ability to search other manuals 10% of the time.
  • They allow you to set a default search filter that includes specific manuals.
  • Each search the user performs will apply that filter.
  • If the user needs to search other manuals, they can temporarily remove the filter.
  • Search Contexts are attached to User Groups.
  • To view Search Contexts you must go to the Accounts > Viewer Groups screen.
  • Each Search Context can only be attached to one Viewer Group and one Site.
View Search Contexts for a Group

Go to Account > Viewer Groups

Banners and Alerts

Select a Group


You will see the Viewer Groups screen.

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Create a Search Context for a Group

Select Create New Search Context

From the Viewers screen select Create New Search Context.

Banners and Alerts
Banners and Alerts

Check off the manuals you want to add


The Manuals will appear in the manual list

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Delete a Search Context

Select Delete Context.

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