Send Copy Request to another ScreenSteps account

Updated Jan 14, 2020

Administrators on your account can use this option to move content from one ScreenSteps account to another ScreenSteps account.

Note: Your account must be set up for copy requests by the ScreenSteps team. If you would like to create copy requests, contact

When you send a copy request for a site or a manual ScreenSteps will update internal knowledge base links for you. What this means is that any links between articles or chapters within the site or manual will be updated to point to the new articles, chapters, and manuals in the new copy.

If you are sending a copy request for a manual then knowledge base links that point to articles, chapters, or manuals outside of the manual will not be updated.

Select Copy Requests

Create Copy Request

Select Item to Copy

Send request

Type in Account Name > Create Request

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