How do I add tracking code to my site?

ScreenSteps doesn't come with built in analytics. But you can easily add Google Analytics or any other tracking service to your ScreenSteps Site.

Click on site template

Click on Advanced Layout (HTML, CSS & JS)

Click on Advanced Layout (HTML, CSS & JS)

Select Head

Select Head

Enter Custom JavaScript

  1. Enter your custom JavaScript
  2. Click Preview Changes
  3. Click Publish Changes (once clicked, Preview Changes will switch to Publish Changes)
Enter Custom JavaScript


Andrew Nilsen

Do you have any suggestions of resources that can give guidance on where to find this code & then utilize the analytics for first-time website creators that are new to ScreenSteps?

Blue Mango

@Andrew -

The code will depend on the analytics provider you are using. Google Analytics is a good free option


Can i set up Google Analytics to monitor and measure individual articles or Chapters? If yes, how? Thank you. (It seems to be site wide in adding the tracking code in the current help item)

Trevor DeVore

@John - Add the Google Analytics code to the template will log each page the visitors visits. Each article is an individual page so each article will show up separately in your GA reports.

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