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Authors can select from a template when creating a new article. Great for when you assign an article to a team member and don't want them to start from a blank canvas. Click here to see how to create an article template.

Create a new article

Choose a template

Your article will take on the properties of the selected template. For example, if the template article is a checklist, then the newly created article will also be a checklist. If the template article is an article, then the newly created article will be an article.

Select from list

Why can I not select an article type?

Once you select a template, you will no longer be able to choose an article type (e.g. Article, Checklist) because your new article takes on the properties of the template article.


Cecilie Papuga

Is it possible to choose a template after you have created your article?

Trevor DeVore

@Cecilie - not it is not. A template can only be applied when creating the article. You could open the template article in the ScreenSteps desktop editor and copy and paste the content of the template into the existing article though.

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