How do I unpublish an article?

Updated Jun 29, 2018

For Zendesk Users

The unpublish option will not be available for articles in a site connected to a Zendesk account. If you want the article to be unpublished from your Zendesk Help Center you will need to do that in Zendesk.

Select Unpublish from the article action menu

unpublish article


Emily Knox

I recall seeing this option in the past but now I don't see it. Was this feature removed? Need to temporarily unpublish articles in a chapter so I can export the rest of the manual as a PDF (the chapter in question is a collection of PDFs, which I don't want to include in a PDF version of the manual).

Trevor DeVore

Emily - is your site connected to Zendesk? The unpublished option is not available for articles connected to Zendesk. A workaround would be to create an unpublished chapter in the same manual, move the article into that, export the PDF, and then move the article back to the regular chapter.

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