How to generate a preview link before an article is published

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Sometimes you want to send a preview of an article or determine what the url of the article will be before you publish it. This article will show you how to do that.

Previews will not work with articles that are published to an external service such as Zendesk. This will only work for articles that are published to a ScreenSteps site.

Click the article's title

Select Generate Preview

This is on the right-hand side of the article.

Click on the link or copy the URL

That's it. You can now share this URL with someone to see the preview. 


Who can see the preview?

Only people who already have access to your site can see this preview. If they don't have permission to view the site then they won't be able to access the preview.

Can I view different versions of an article?

No, you can't. The preview URL will only show the latest version of an article.

Will the link work after I publish the article?

If you want to use the link after the article has been published then you just need to remove the ending of the URL, starting at ?token=...

For example, the following the URL:

Would become:

You can use the modified link if you are preparing materials before publishing the article that need to link to the article.



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