Generating a Log to Troubleshoot Internet Issues

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In order to help troubleshot some issues, the desktop software has a logging feature that creates a detailed log that can be sent to the desktop developers. This article will show you how to use the logging feature if you are asked to do so.

How to turn on logging if the error occurs while ScreenSteps is starting up

Hold down SHIFT key while launching ScreenSteps

If you are encountering an error while ScreenSteps is starting up then you need to turn on logging when ScreenSteps launches. You will see the following dialog. Click the Turn On button.

How to turn on logging if the error occurs while otherwise using ScreenSteps

While holding down the SHIFT key, click on the Help menu

If you encounter an error while using ScreenSteps then you can turn on logging from the Help menu. Just hold down the SHIFT key while clicking on the Help menu and a Turn on Logging... option will appear.

In the dialog that appears, click on the Turn On button.

Recreate the error while logging is turned on

After you turn on logging you should recreate the error. When you recreate the error information  that will help our developers figure out the cause of the problem will be logged to a file named screensteps_debug_log.txt on your Desktop.

Turn logging off

Logging will turn off when you quit ScreenSteps. The next time you launch ScreenSteps logging will not turn back on unless you explicitly activate it.


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