Continue numbering from a previous text field


This feature is only available in the desktop editor.

This article will show you how to change the number that a numeric list starts on.

Select Start Number List At...

After you create a new list, add your text (in the example below, I added "Step 3"), and then select Start Numeric List At... by going to Format > List > Start Numeric List At...

Select Start Numeric List At...

Type the number you'd like to start it with > click OK

Enter starting sequence number

List will start at the new number




This is a terribly weak solution. There should be an option to continue numbering from previous list. Suppose I have five groups of numbered steps interrupted by 5 screenshots. Not only do I have to manually supply a number for four of those, but if I add a new step early on, I now have 4 sets of steps that must be manually corrected with a significant risk that one gets missed and numbers are off. Please add a "Continu numbers from last list" option.

Amie Barder

@Eric: I'll be sure to pass your request on to our product team for consideration!


I second Eric's request for a "continue from previous list" option.

Amie Barder

@Terry: Noted!

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