How to set the image export format

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When you capture a screenshot ScreenSteps sets the export format to PNG. When you import an image ScreenSteps will set the export format to JPEG if the file is already in JPEG format, otherwise the export format will be set to PNG.

This article will show you how to change the export format of an image canvas in your article. You may want to do this in order to reduce the size of an image or improve the clarity of the image.

For example, if you take a screenshot of a photo with lots of detail, exporting the image as JPEG will produce a much smaller image. Or perhaps you imported a JPEG file that is just a screenshot and you don't want any artifacts to appear when it is saved to the ScreenSteps server. You would want to change the export format to PNG.

Select the image in the left column

Select image content block

Change the Export Format

From the content object property inspector select the export format option.

Change export format

Select JPEG Quality

If you select the JPEG option then you can also select a quality - Good (75/100), Better (85/100), or Best (95/100).

JPEG Quality


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