How to add multiple images to image content

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This feature is only available in the desktop editor.

With the image selected in the desktop editor, click on the Add Image icon

Click on the Add Image icon

Select type of image to add

You can take a new screenshot, import an image file, or add an image on the clipboard (if an image is on the clipboard).

Add image menu options

The image will be added below the bottommost image. With the image selector tool selected, you can select and reposition the image.

Image added

Alternatively you can use the contextual menu

Right-click on the image and select an option from the Add Image Using menu.

Add Image Using contextual menu



Is it possible to have two different images in a step and have them each display in Lightbox separately when clicked on? Or does ScreenSteps always present multiple images in a step as a single Lighbox image? Thanks!

Trevor DeVore

@Alyssa - ScreenSteps always presents images associated with a step as a single image and thus a single lightbox image. You would need to create another step and leave the text and step title empty if you wanted to have two images close together with two separate lightbox images.

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