When trying to capture a screenshot my screen shifts or resizes

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This article describes how to fix issues you may encounter while trying to use screen capture on Windows 10 and a version of ScreenSteps Desktop prior to 4.2.2. In version 4.2.2 all known causes of this bug have been fixed. You can download the latest version from the downloads page or by checking for updates within the desktop software.

Windows 10

When trying to capture a screen shot the screen will resize if more than one monitor is attached to the computer and the zoom setting for the monitors is not the same. The workaround is to set the zoom setting to the same value for both monitors.

Right-click on desktop and choose "Display settings"

Open Display settings

Make sure both zoom settings are the same

Different zoom setting



I tried both at 125% and it didn't work, changed both to 100% recommended and it work great. Thank you.


Hi there, I am currently running version 4.2.0 (582), but I am still having this issue. I have restarted ScreenSteps a few times but this hasn't helped. Do you have any advice?

Trevor DeVore

@James - the current desktop version is 4.2.0 (592). Two things -
1) Try updating to the latest version.
2) If that doesn't fix the problem try restarting the computer.
3) If that doesn't fix the problem email [email protected]. If you can include a picture of what you are seeing along with information on your monitor configuration it would be very helpful.


It works after adjust 100%!
Thank you!

Trevor DeVore

@Norman - I'm glad it is working for you. Last week we released a 4.2.2 update that makes further improvements to screen capture so that you do not need to adjust your monitor to 100%.

Norman hakim

problem solved!!!!!!!!


Problem solved, thank you so much!!


I had this same issue with the zoom the same, but running different resolutions on multiple monitors. When I set both monitors to the same resolution, the issue stopped. One was set to 2560 x1440 and the other 1920 x1080.


I have only one monitor and Lightshot changes the screen size on that... Windows 10, latest Firefox....

James McCartney

I have to have external monitors set to 100%, laptop screen set to 125% and then put the window I am screenshotting into the laptop display before taking the screenshot. If I take it from one of the other monitors it crops the screen shot. Is there a fix for this? Setting all monitors to same zoom didn't work.

Amie Barder

@R: Are you still having issues? If so, Can you reach out to us at [email protected] so we can help troubleshot?

Amie Barder

@James: Starting a support ticket for you so we can gather some more information.


For i had zoomed in while taking the previous screenshot then it continued with that zoom level for the other pages. Try zoom out while taking a screenshot, then refresh and try again.

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